All beginnings are difficult

We are aware that it is difficult for new entrepreneurs to get orders, especially in the beginning. The reasons are obvious: marketing is time-consuming and advertising in search engines is expensive.


Find and be found with minimal costs

For this reason, we have created a business directory exclusively for Swiss start-ups. Every Swiss company has the opportunity to be listed in this directory for a monthly fee of CHF 20. This entitlement expires as soon as the company is more than five years old, as we explicitly want to support young companies.

On the one hand, this enables young companies to support each other with orders, but on the other hand, we would also like to draw the attention of other potential customers to the companies in the Startup Index.

Our offer for Fasoon customers:
For companies that were founded through Fasoon (or a mutation was made), the entry in the Startup Index is and remains free of charge.

With the income we only cover our expenses, the rest flows into the marketing of the directory. In this way, companies in the directory support each other.

We congratulate all founders on their courage to start their own business and wish them much joy and success with their companies! On behalf of the young companies, we would like to thank our clients for their orders. In the spirit of “From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”.

Your Fasoon Team!